Promise Culinary School is a state-certified vocational school and job-training provider. Our mission is to empower our graduates with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the culinary world. We offer affordable culinary training and certification in less than 6 months. Our students learn the essential skills necessary to work in the foodservice industry, obtain employment, and develop both life and entrepreneurial skills.

Our Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry programs run Monday through Friday for approximately 35 hours/per week. Professional Chefs and Instructors review a wide variety of culinary fundamentals including knife skills, cooking methods, catering, food safety, and more teach classes. Our Baking and Pastry Arts program provides a thorough education on the fundamentals of baking and pastry production. Classes review bread baking, cake preparation, alternative diet options such as vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and diabetic friendly desserts and more.

Students must maintain attendance, academic, culinary and professional standards, as well as complete an 80-hour internship to graduate from Promise Culinary School. We offer a diverse classroom setting with students from various socioeconomic and professional backgrounds. The common thread and the most important factor is a love for the culinary arts and the desire to learn.

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Culinary Arts

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Baking & Pastry – Day

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Baking & Pastry – Evening

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